The Greenwood Schoolhouse offers a half-day academically enriched program for Pre-K, JK and SK children aged 3-6. Small class sizes (with a 1:5 ratio), experienced and qualified teachers, and a warm, nurturing environment make The Greenwood Schoolhouse the ideal introduction to education. Emphasis on early literacy and numeracy skills provides a strong foundation, equipping students for grade one and beyond. Monthly and bi-monthly inquiry-based units of study introduce new ideas, concepts and skills. Culminating art projects tie together learning objectives and make learning fun!

A typical morning or afternoon:

9:00-9:30 || 1:00-1:30

We enter the classroom and put on our indoor shoes or slippers. Each child’s name is laid out on the carpet with a book pertaining to our current topic of study. This is an opportunity to practice recognizing our names and to have a look at one of our special books. Once everyone has settled in we sing our “Hello Song” and each child puts away their name tag and book when they hear their name. We read our daily message board as a class. Each day the message will be different and will have a challenge to be solved as a class. It may be spotting which word appears 3 times in the message, circling rhyming words in a poem, guessing letters to spell the missing word, drawing tally marks or solving word or number problems, etc. Next, we have story time and then show and share.

9:30-10:45 || 1:30-2:45

This is our time to engage in a variety of different learning activities. Stations and provocations are set up around the room for exploration and investigation. Students will work with teachers individually and in small groups engaging in focused learning activities be it working in our literacy/numeracy workbooks, writing in our journals, doing guided reading, or creating our culminating art projects (gluing, sorting, counting, painting, etc.). Puzzles, games and toys are set up around the room and encourage discovery and engagement amongst peers and with teachers. This is your child’s opportunity to gain independence and develop social skills, confidence and a lifelong love of learning.

10:45-11:00 || 2:45-3:00

This is when we tidy up our classroom, wash our hands and sit down to enjoy a snack together. Snack is fruit or veggies and biscuits, crackers or muffins. Snack is provided. Students are welcome to bring their own snack if they prefer (peanut-free only please). When it is your child’s show and share day they’re welcome (but not required) to bring a snack to share with the class, as well as on their birthday.

11:00-11:20 || 3:00-3:20

This is our carpet time/music circle. Each day a different activity is presented on the carpet. Some days you might find us building towers with wooden blocks, beading necklaces, working on a puzzle, engaging in dramatic role-plays with the farm animals, re-telling stories with our felt board, etc. Next we have music circle where we sing the name song, sing about the days of the week, months of the year and the weather. Students come up and lead the class in completing our classroom “jobs” adding numbers to the calendar, pointing arrows to today’s weather, and singing our songs. We also learn new songs, poems and finger plays and have the opportunity to make music using instruments. Finally, we sing our goodbye song and prepare to head home.

11:20-11:30 || 3:20-3:30

This is when we prepare for home time. Independence and self-help skills are practiced as children learn how to put on their coats doing “flip, flop, over the top”. We hand out any pieces of artwork or homework packets that are ready to go home and say farewell until we see you again!