Extra-Curricular Classes

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Our Programs

Wee Wigglers (Ages 3-6)
Wee WigglersWee Wigglers is a musical fitness class that gets kids moving and grooving, as well as learning all about nutrition and healthy, active living. We have lots of fun dancing, wiggling, jumping and learning our moves to carefully choreographed music by popular children’s artists. Some of the equipment that we play with includes child-sized yoga mats, pom poms, tambourines, maracas, foam rollers, rhythm sticks, a parachute and more!
Marvellous Mathematicians (Ages 3-6)
In this class children are introduced to mathematical concepts through fun, hands-on activities and lessons. They develop number sense, an understanding of patterns, graphing, addition, subtraction and more through dramatic play, art-based activities and interactive stations.
Art Start (Ages 3-6)
art startIn this foundational class, little artists will be introduced to a wide variety of materials and techniques while making fun, silly and beautiful arts and crafts! This class will allow your child to exercise their creativity while also improving their motor skills as we practice cutting, pasting and following directions – develop confidence and independence as we create beautiful arts and crafts projects to take home!
Storybook Art (Ages 3-6)
storybook artLiteracy and art come together in this class as we take our inspiration from children’s storybooks. We will read a variety of different books and bring stories to life as we create art projects based upon our favourites. Some of the techniques we may use include cutting, pasting, papier mache, painting, sculpting and more!
Art Explorations (Ages 3-10)
art explorationsThis is a self-directed studio style class wherein participants will have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of different artistic mediums. Teachers will set up materials and opportunities for exploration around the room. Students will have the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild and create projects of their own design.
ABC Art (Ages 3-6)
ABC ArtIn this class, 3-6 year olds will create arts and crafts projects inspired by letters of the alphabet. We will reinforce our letter sound knowledge and engage in letter formation practice, all while having fun and making crazy, cool and kooky craft projects.
Mixed Media Masterpieces (Ages 5-8)
mixed mediaThis class allows young artists to create elaborate projects using a wide variety of different materials. Ink, watercolours, pastels…fabric, paper, clay…sparkles, sparkles and more sparkles! We will make a collection of creations, a mishmash of masterpieces and, of course, we will have lots of fun in the process.
The Art of Journaling (Ages 5-10)
In this class, we will jump-start the journaling process with a variety of different writing prompts. Scrapbooking is an exciting and dynamic way of integrating writing and art. Develop the ability to articulate ideas, share your thoughts and discover a wonderful vehicle for self-expression. Draw and doodle, cut and paste, embellish and explore! This is a great class to get the creative juices flowing without pressure to make your writing “perfect”. So often, as writers, children (and adults for that matter) feel restricted by the “rules” of writing. This is an opportunity to let loose and write, write, write without restraint. Journaling becomes a happy place that children can return to throughout their lives.
Interactive Literacy Club (Ages 5-8)
Interactive Literacy ClubThese small-group sessions aim to nurture a love of literacy in children from Senior Kindergarten-Grade Two. We will engage in literacy-based games and stations, art projects and create “Interactive Literacy Notebooks”. Many of our students go on to attend French Immersion programs (which is great!). By joining our Interactive Literacy Club, your child can also stay on top of their English-language literacy skills in a friendly and fun environment.
Tutoring (Ages 3-10)
TutoringIndividual and small-group tutoring may be available during evenings and weekends. Please get in touch to discuss your child’s particular needs and for scheduling availability.
Young Yogis (Ages 3-6)

Ms. Sam has completed her yoga teaching certification and is excited to start teaching classes in January on Fridays and Saturdays.