At The Greenwood Schoolhouse we believe that by setting high expectations and creating novel, age-appropriate challenges children will develop confidence through their achievements. We provide an integrated approach to education wherein different methods are used to meet the needs of diverse learners. Our goal is to strike a balance between student-centred discovery (with influences such as the Reggio Emilia and Montessori approaches) and more traditional structured learning (focused instruction working towards specific learning objectives).

Our curriculum is thoughtfully planned in order to provide variety and make learning fun. Developing inquisitive minds, critical-thinking skills and the ability to problem-solve independently are all key components of our program. We love to use visual arts activities to create connections and tie together our learning experiences. Culminating art projects provide opportunities to reinforce, practice and demonstrate our new skills.

Having both attended and taught in a variety of different types of schools (Montessori, Public, Private, International, French Immersion), Ms. Sarah draws upon the practices she found most effective in each setting. She considers herself a lifelong-learner, always eager to set new goals and challenges for herself, and her aim is to pass that enthusiasm and love of learning and life on to her students.